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Indulge in the epitome of doughnut luxury – the “Bad and Boujee” Doughnut Quartet is here to redefine your expectations of sweet treats. This box includes Kinder surprise, Double Trouble, Triple Choc Supreme and Caramel Choc Cake, it’s simply “Bad and Boujee”. 💅

More Doughnut Information 🍩

TOP LEFT - Caramel Choc Cake - This handful of joy is dipped in salted caramel, and dunked in freshly baked chocolate cake. The centre is filled with a dulce de leche buttercream and topped with a crumbled milk chocolate stick! Divine!

TOP RIGHT - Kinder Surprise - Our most popular doughnut at events across this great country! A combination of salted caramel, custard cream biscuits, white hazelnut buttercream, and two pieces of white chocolate Bueno. Litteral hazelnut heaven!

BOTTOM LEFT - Triple Choc Papi - For you chocoholics out there this one for you! Dunked in milk chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate fudge, topped with multi coloured confetti and that's just level one! When we get to the upper deck of this choco papi you will find a puddle of Nutella buttercream and a chunk of freshly baked brownie!

BOTTOM RIGHT - Double Trouble - This is a brand new creation we know you'll adore. The base of this puddle is dipped in chocolate, then our talented team flip over the doughnut once cooled to top with a caramel drizzle, a dusting of sweet snow, and the centre is filled with a rosette of Biscoff buttercream.

Allergen Information 🤓


PLEASE NOTE - Due to the handling of nuts in our kitchen, traces of various nuts may be present in all of our recipes. For this reason, we would strongly advise that nut allergy sufferers do not consume Project D doughnuts. Our vegan products are prepared to a vegan recipe however they are not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers. These allergens are present in our bakery.