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Our doughnuts are light and airy, free from artificial ingredients and hand decorated in one of our ever growing list of designs and flavours, ensuring something for everyone!

January 2022

Have you seen our Mega D’s before? They’re huge! You can share them between 6-10 people depending on your appetite!

About Us

Project D was started by 3 friends in 2018 who travelled the world on a search for the perfect doughnut.

Matthew, one of the founders, grew up in the USA where there are doughnut shops on every block corner and a real 24 hour doughnut demand!

After growing up with this culture, he had a dream to open his own doughnut shop with a U.K. twist!

The 3 founders then got together, spent countless hours researching doughnuts from across the world. They bought the equipment they needed and started making doughnuts, from scratch, with the help of a craft baker. They sold them at local markets and reinvested the money to grow the business.

Fast forward to 2021, Project D now has over 100 employees who bake, box and deliver doughnuts to houses across the U.K. They also pop up at events and markets across the Midlands and beyond!

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Our doughnuts are hand rolled, cut and decorated throughout the night and sold fresh through the day. We use our imagination to come up with unique designs that not only look amazing but also taste amazing! We’re often told our doughnuts are the best our customers have ever tasted! Check out our reviews on TrustPilot!