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We’ve aligned three of our fan favourites!
Forget about keeping your hands out of the cookie jar because we've curated the ultimate six-box line up just for you!
Featuring three of our top-selling biscuit-topped doughnuts, this collection is a must-have for any sweet tooth. Indulge in the irresistible flavours of our Bad Boy, We Be Jammin, and Cookies and Cream D's, making it the perfect trio to satisfy your sweet tooth.

More Doughnut Information 🍩

Top & Bottom Left - We Be Jammin - We LOVE this D, it’s a Project D signature that is back with a band for 2024. Dipped in white chocolate, dunked in nice biscuits crumb then deep filled with our signature raspberry jam and topped with a Jammy Dodger!

Top & Bottom Middle - Bad Boy – Dipped in salted caramel icing and a covering of Biscoff crumb. It's then drizzled with white chocolate, filled generously with Biscoff spread, and topped off with a lovely Biscoff biscuit. This is one for the Belgian biscuit fans!

Top & Bottom Right – Cookies N Dream – Another icon in the world of sweetness! Dipped in a decadent vanilla fudge and topped with chunks of Oreo cookie! It’s a match made in doughnut heaven!

Allergen Information 🤓


🍩 Cookies N Dream - Gluten, Milk, Soya

🍩 We Be Jammin - Gluten, Milk, Soya, Sulphites

🍩 Bad Boy - Gluten, Soya

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the handling of nuts in our kitchen, traces of various nuts may be present in all of our recipes. For this reason, we would strongly advise that nut allergy sufferers do not consume Project D doughnuts. Our vegan products are prepared to a vegan recipe however they are not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers. These allergens are present in our bakery.