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This box is giving off NOTHING but summer sensations! The perfect addition to any picnic or BBQ! Actually… The perfect addition to any day of the week.
More Doughnut Information 🍩

Top Left – Homer’s Ice cream - This puddle doughnut has been dipped in raspberry fudge icing, covered generously with sweet sugar sprinkles and filled with vanilla frosting. It’s finished with a milk chocolate flake stick! We know Homer would love this one on a hot summer’s day!

Bottom Left - Watermelon Sugar - Watermelon sugar… High! We’re bringing back our Harry Styles special to finish this summer sensation of a box! This ring doughnut has been iced with pink white chocolate and finished off with green and chocolate sprinkles to really bring this watermelon concept to life!

Top Middle – Strawberries & Cream - This sweet lil strawb has been filled with our creamy vanilla frosting and topped with a strawberry flavored fudge icing. It's then sprinkled with pearly white balls and finished with a green white chocolate top!

Top Right – Bueno Blanco - This doughnut is dipped in white chocolate icing, drizzled in milk chocolate, sprinkled in bourbon crumb, filled with milk chocolate hazelnut spread and finished with half a white chocolate bueno!

Bottom Middle – My Sunshine - This doughnut is drizzled with lemon fudge, dusted with sweet snow and generously filled with tangy lemon cream.

Bottom Right – Neapolitan This D is inspired by the world famous neapolitan ice cream! Dipped in a white chocolate base, drizzled with sweet raspberry and milk chocolate icings and topped with vibrant sugar sprinkles. Absolutely delicious on its own and extra fabulous with a big scoop of neapolitan ice cream in the middle!

Allergen Information 🤓


🍩 - Homer's Icecream - Gluten, Soya, Milk

🍩 - Watermelon sugar -Gluten, Soya, Shellac

🍩 My Sunshine - Gluten, Soya

🍩 Srawberries & Cream - Gluten, Soya, Milk, Shellac

🍩 Bueno Blanco - Gluten, Soya, Milk, Hazelnut

🍩 Neapolitan - Gluten, Soya

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the handling of nuts in our kitchen, traces of various nuts may be present in all of our recipes. For this reason, we would strongly advise that nut allergy sufferers do not consume Project D doughnuts. Our vegan products are prepared to a vegan recipe however they are not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers. These allergens are present in our bakery.