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CALLING ALL CHOCAHOLICS! πŸ“£Β  This decadent Milk Choc. Masterpiece SIX-BOX is perfect for YOU! Get stuck in! 🍫
More Doughnut Information 🍩

Top Left – Lost In The Galaxy - This ring doughnut has been double dipped in delicious milk chocolate and salted caramel icing… it's then coated in crunchy chocolate balls and topped off with 4 chunks of salted caramel galaxy and a dusting of gold spray!

Top Middle - Hazelnut Homer - This nutella injected ring has been iced with milk chocolate and then covered with a pinch of Homer sprinkles.

Top Right – Twirly Bassey - This doughnut has been dipped in milk chocolate icing and covered in a swirl of homemade vanilla frosting and chocolate cake. Finished off with the nation’s favourite… a good ol’ Twirl. 🍩

Bottom Left – Cookies & Dream - This ring has been filled with caramel cream, iced with vanilla fudge and then covered in a handful of cookies and cream crumb and a swirl of milk chocolate. 🀀

Bottom Middle – Twix Up Look Sharp - This ring doughnut has been dipped in milk chocolate icing, half dipped in custard cream, then drizzled with milk chocolate icing and topped off with a classic twix! 🍫

Bottom Right – Glazey Dayz - The term less is more really isn't in our vocabulary, but when it comes to the humble glazed doughnut we can definitely get onboard! Glazey Dayz is our signature yeast raised ring doughnut covered in our deliciously sweet sugar glaze! 😍

Allergen Information πŸ€“


🍩 Lost in the Galaxy - Gluten, Soya, Milk

🍩 Hazlenut Homer - Gluten, Soya, Nuts, Milk (E102 & E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.)

🍩 Twirly Bassey - Gluten, Soya, Milk, Egg

🍩 Twix Up Look Sharp - Gluten, Soya, Milk

🍩 Cookies and Dreams - Gluten, Soya

🍩 Glazey Dayz - Gluten, Soya

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the handling of nuts in our kitchen, traces of various nuts may be present in all of our recipes. For this reason, we would strongly advise that nut allergy sufferers do not consume Project D doughnuts. Our vegan products are prepared to a vegan recipe however they are not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers. These allergens are present in our bakery.