Our Halloween boxes have been incredibly popular this year, unfortunately they have all sold out! 🎃
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The OG Selection



The OG Selection

Top Left – We Be Jammin – Covered in vanilla fudge, dunked in custard cream crumb, centre filled with raspberry jam and topped with a Jammie Dodger.

Top Centre – B Day Cake – This ring doughnut is filled with raspberry jam then topped with vanilla fudge icing, vanilla cream cake and 100’s and 1000’s

Top Right – Bad Boy Biscoff – Dipped in salted caramel then dunked in Lotus Biscoff crumb, milk chocolate drizzle then centre filled with vanilla frosting and topped with a Biscoff biscuit.

Bottom Left – Red Velvet – This ring doughnut is dipped in white chocolate icing, dunked in red velvet cake and topped with a white chocolate drizzle.

Bottom Centre – Milk Choc Masterpiece – This puddle doughnut is dipped in milk chocolate icing, dusted Lotus crumb then centre filled with milk chocolate frosting and topped with 6 pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Bottom Right – Homer – The world famous Homer doughnut! Dipped in pink white chocolate and covered in 100’s and 1000’s

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