The After Easter Feaster

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Get this absolute feaster, delivered to your door right in time for Easter! Packed with Bunnies, Eggs, and all things spring, this collection will get you in the mood for the holidays. We have hand-picked our favourite seasonal doughnuts and put together this box of perfection to keep the nation bouncing!!

Top Left – Berry Bunny
This classic puddle doughnut is dipped in sweet raspberry icing, then fully dipped in custard cream crumb, topped with a swirl of in house made, vanilla fudge frosting, a gentle covering of pink sprinkles and finished with a Malteser bunny.

Bottom Left – Double Trouble
This ring doughnut really isn’t here to play around! It is glazed in salted caramel icing, then drizzled with white chocolate fudge ice and topped with two classic Lotus biscuits, what more do you need?

Middle Top – Golden Egg
This golden dream is well and truly the star of the show, it has a white chocolate base, covered in white chocolate curls, a Creme Egg centre and golden glitter to make it shine.

Middle Bottom – The Best Nest
This puddle doughnut is dipped in vanilla fudge, deep filled with raspberry frosting, covered in sprinkles and finished with 8 mini eggs!

Top Right – Pearls and Swirls
This doughnut is for sure the hidden gem, it has a rich dark chocolate base, filled with mouth watering dark chocolate frosting and finished off with 100’s and 1000’s.

Bottom Right – The Hunny Bunny
This classic ring doughnut, has hopped it’s way into this classic box, coated in milk chocolate, half dipped in Oreo crumb, covered in mini red chocolate spheres, then drizzled in sweet vanilla fudge and topped with a Kit Kat Bunny.