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Snow Worries, Be Happy!



Snow Worries, Be Happy!

Top Left: Dasher – Ray – At the front of Santa’s Sleigh we have Ray who is pulling along a doughnut covered in white chocolate, topped with a salted caramel drizzle and a flurry of lotus crumb. He is sat upon a puddle of delicious toffee filling.

Top Middle: Frosty the Dough Man – Best get this little snowman before he melts! This jolly, happy soul is topped with our snowy vanilla icing with an orange cream nose. He has little button eyes and a cheeky dark chocolate grin.

Top Right: Blitzen – Ray – Further back in Santa’s sleigh sits Blitzen who is helping pull along this white chocolate covered ring with white chocolate curls and some salted caramel reins drizzled over the top.

Bottom Left: Christmas Homer! – We like traditions at the festive time of the year, so we can’t possibly have a Christmas without our classic Homer. It is dipped in a milk chocolate icing with our merry sprinkles.

Bottom Middle: Baby, It’s Gold Outside – We think you’ll be singing about this doughnut when you’ve had a bite! We’ve coated this doughnut with vanilla fudge and drizzled it with a tangy lemon icing. Topped with a shower of gingernut crumb and a hearty helping of enticing lemon curd. We can’t help but cover this in gold glitter too!

Bottom Right: Kevin McCallister – Sometimes it’s better being home alone if you get to have doughnut to yourself. Dipped in a milk chocolate icing with a mist of snow on the top, we’re sure you can’t resist the soft milk chocolate frosting with white chocolate orange and of course some more gold glitter to top it all off! Merry Christmas ya…

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