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New Foods UK



New Foods UK

Bottom Left – It’s Party Time Tonight – This ring doughnut is a serious handful, dipped in lemon fudge icing and topped with three white chocolate chip cookies! It’s then covered with a raspberry fudge drizzle and topped with 100s and 1000s.


Bottom Centre – The Kinder Surprise – We are all about taking it to the next level at Project D and this doughnut is a testament to that fact! It’s dipped in milk chocolate, covered in Custard Cream crumb, then centre filled with Nutella and topped with chunks of white chocolate Bueno, Kinder bar and an entire Kinder Hippo! It’s outrageously naughty and not to be missed!


Bottom Right – Taste The Rainbow – This ring doughnut is dipped in vibrant blue, white chocolate and then topped with white chocolate curls, Skittles, 100s + 1000s! This rainbow is there to be tasted.


Top Left – Biscoff Blastoff – This ring doughnut is dipped in a white chocolate espresso glaze! It’s then topped with sweet dark chocolate chips, blended Lotus crumb! To finish we are drizzling more espresso white chocolate and topping it with a Lotus Biscoff biscuit!


Middle Top – Squeeze Me – This beautiful ring doughnut is dipped in a combination of strawberry and raspberry fudge! It’s then topped with a pinch of sprinkles and seven fruit salad Squashies!


Top Right – S’mores – This ring doughnut is dipped in dark chocolate and then topped with chunks of Hobnob and marshmallows before being browned off with a blow torch!

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