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MMM...It's A Party



MMM...It's A Party

Feast your eyes upon our brand new nationwide six pack! We have hand picked our favourite six from our upcoming local delivery collection and made them available to the whole nation! It’s a guaranteed smile from Caught my eye Caramac to the Mischievous Milky Way!

Top Left – Caught my eye Caramac – This white chocolate ring doughnut topped with caramel and white chocolate curls only benefits from the addition of three pieces of Caramac sure to catch the eye of the beholder!

Top Middle – Party animal – We all know a party animal, you never know what you’re going to get. Well this ring doughnut is a milk chocolate base covered in sprinkles and topped with Cadburys marvelous creations, a real taste sensation.

Top Right – Twirl me on the dance floor – This party piece is ready to take you for a spin on the dance floor! Dipped in white chocolate and topped with a swirl of chocolate frosting. Covered in disco ball silver glitter and topped with a Twirl!

Bottom Left – Miraculous Marshmallow – This ring doughnut is definitely one for the Project D pink lovers! First it’s dipped in white chocolate followed by a cheeku dip in raspberry fudge to create a marble effect. We then shower this D in mini marshmallows and spray with pink glitter!

Bottom Middle – Title – Moment in Maryland – Let’s take a moment to appreciate this Maryland monster. This puddle doughnut is glazed in sweet toffee fudge, centre filled with toffee filling, topped with 3 Maryland cookies, then drizzled with more toffee fudge! You best believe Maryland is the land of happiness!!

Bottom right – Title – Mischievous Milky Way – This doughnut is a shining star from the best side of the milky way! This ring doughnut is a vanilla fudge dream that really makes the mouth water!


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