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I’ll Put A Spell On You - Vegan



I’ll Put A Spell On You - Vegan

Top left – Orange Drizzle This vegan ring doughnut has first been filled with luxury orange cream and then dipped in an orange coloured white chocolate icing. We then dip this ring in crushed hobnob biscuits and drizzle generously with white chocolate icing.

Top Middle – Chocolate Churro This vegan ring doughnut, when still hot, is rolled in cinnamon sugar and then drizzled with swirls of milk chocolate icing. To top things off we’ve dusted this Churro inspired doughnut with sweet snow and edible silver spray.

Top Right – Lotus Pocus This vegan puddle doughnut has been dipped in salted caramel icing and then drizzled with a crosshatch of melted lotus Biscoff spread. It’s then generously filled with even more lotus spread and covered with a crumb of blended lotus biscuit. You have to be a lotus lover for this one!!

Bottom Left – Glaze Graze This vegan ring doughnut has firstly been covered in our classic glaze and then carefully drizzled with sweet dark chocolate icing. Topped off with a sprinkle of lotus biscuit crumb we pull together one classy looking vegan doughnut.

Bottom Middle – The Maple Harvest This vegan ring doughnut has been dipped in maple fudge icing and then covered with crushed pecans and a liberal drizzle of milk chocolate icing.

Bottom Right – The PD This vegan puddle doughnut is covered in a pumpkin spice glaze and sprinkled with green vegan sprinkles. We’ve then piped it with a green coloured vegan vanilla frosting to create our vegan take on the project pumpkin doughnut!

*Contains Nuts*

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