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Caramel Cartel Four Box



Caramel Cartel Four Box

Top Left – Rock ’n’ Rolo – This ring doughnut is dipped in salted caramel icing, dunked in bourbon crumb, covered with a salted caramel drizzle then centre filled with toffee sauce and topped with a Rolo!

Top Right – Take A Break – We all need a break, what better way to ‘Take A Break’ than with this ring doughnut. Dipped in salted caramel, dunked in Hobnob crumb and topped with half a Kit-Kat Chunky!

Bottom Left – The Golden One – This ring doughnut is dipped in salted caramel then dunked in blended Lotus Biscoff crumb. It is then topped with a swirl of Biscoff spread, covered in more salted caramel and topped off with a Biscoff biscuit!

Bottom Right –The Lion King – This ring doughnut is dipped in salted caramel, covered with Custard Cream crumb, drizzled with milk chocolate, centre filled with salted caramel frosting and topped with a Lion Bar!

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